Admitad Annual Report 2018/2019
In our second Admitad report, we did our best to sum up all observations focusing on the accomplishments of advertisers and publishers in specific markets.
Admitad Report 2018/2019
Over the year, affiliate marketing industry changed a lot. Online business were going offline, legal authorities introduced new laws and regulations. Admitad team was developing new tools and projects, publisher were turning to new cheaper sources of traffic.

Admitad Report — is neither financial accounting nor a highbrow claim to catalogue every ripple on water. It is a collection of fact-based data that might be of interest to affiliate marketing insiders from Europe, America, Asia, Middle East and North Africa.
What does Admitad Report cover? Company statistics regarding 17 countries:

  • Key e-commerce categories by sales.
  • Top and trending ad spaces.
  • Average tickets, commission rates and marginal profit from different traffic sources.
  • Admitad Academy and Admitad Invest achievements.